Lola Lola clubhouse

Lola Bikes and Coffee is located at Noordeinde 91 in The Hague. At Lola you’ll find some of the best specialty coffee in the city as well as a hub for our vibrant cycling community. Words fail to capture the “Lola” experience, you need to see and experience it for yourself!

Lola Keep on truckin'

Lola’s take on the podium cap, the Lola Trucker is available in multiple styles and colors. This piece of kit is essential for transfers between grand tour stages or simply on days when you don’t feel like combing your hair. With the Lola Trucker, you can rep your club in style!

Lola New Kit!

No better way to ride with pride then to order one of the new kits designed for the 2018-2019 season. We’ve got the LCC Red, essential for anyone riding our group rides, as well as the Binary Blue and Poision Ivy Green Lola Jerseys. Place your order today!

Lola Lola T-shirts

Lola is famous for its t-shirts. We will be releasing a new design every month. At the moment, we’ve still got a few “Tegen” t-shirts left in stock. Get yours while supplies last. (Don’t know what Tegen means? Come for a group ride and find out!)