Kampala Gold

Lola Kampala Gold coffee is a sublime blend, organic and purchased directly from small farms without the intervention of other parties. The beans come from Uganda, Brazil and Ethiopia. The berries from Brazil are traditionally not washed and their flesh is not removed. This leaves a sweet hint of flesh retained in the beans. The washed beans from Uganda balance the eccentric berry flavor. With a part of the proceeds Lola supports Kampala Cycling, a cycling club and a bike messenger company from the capital of Uganda with Olympic ambitions.

Coffee Oro y Paz

An espresso blend from Brazil. This one is chocolaty and delicious with milk, especially with the Jersey milk. The beans come from 1,000 meters altitude.

Coffee Rocket Espresso

Bicycles and coffee are one and the Rocket espresso machine takes us further. For generations, the espresso machine is indispensable in the peloton and today's Rocket in the hands of a cycling fanatic. At Lola we only work together with the world’s best and of course we have visited the Rocket factory in Milan ourselves.

Coffee Coffee Workshops

At home, you too can make great coffees. Every last Thursday of the month you can join the Lola Coffee Workshop. You learn everything about coffee tasting, making espressos and slow coffee, the 'tricks in the book' and the barista secrets. Buy your tickets in the Lola webshop but hurry up because full is full.

Coffee Lola Coffee On Tour

Our coffee is not served at Lola bikes and coffee at Noordeinde 91 but more and more in other places too. For example at Wood15, the first Dutch indoors mountain bike park, in Sittard. In The Hague, our bike couriers delightfully make deliveries of coffee at your home. Ask us about the possibilities for these regular deliveries.