Fatbike Experience


The Lola Fatbike Experience is a special introduction to a new way of cycling. We leave every Sunday morning at 8.30 h., from the Noordeinde 91, after a strong coffee and led by a guide to woods, dunes and beach. The group consists of a maximum of 10 participants. The ultimate way to get acquainted with this new way of cycling. Where others abandon we cycle through. That gives a wonderful feeling of freedom. The cost to participate in the Lola Fatbike Experience on Sunday amount to € 35.00 per person. This includes the guide, coffee & cake and the rental of the fatbike. If you want to book the Lola Fatbike Experience on another day, please contact us about the possibilities and prices. For the Lola Lola Fatbike Experience we make use of the Pugsley and the Moonlander Surly and the Mukluk of Salsa. For the purchase of a fatbike you can also contact us.


Bikes Lola Service Course

Lola happens to have one of the best bike mechanics in the city in the shop on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But because he is so good, we recommend that customers only bring bikes with derailleurs (gears) in for repair or service (for simple city bikes, there may be cheaper options). To make an appointment call in advance (06 29 08 77 93) or simply send us an email.

Bikes Bike Fitting

Cycling is great, we don't need to explain that to anyone. But Lola is often asked how to ride just a little faster, longer, higher or smoother. Often people who have set themselves a goal, a heroic ride or conquer a legendary col. For all these cyclists,  of all levels, we now have an appropriate answer: the Lola Bike Fitting. 

Bikes Bike Rentals

Only in town for the weekend and want to join our rides? We’ve got you covered. At Lola we’ve got road bikes of various sizes available for rent. We’ve also got a fleet “vintage originals” that we’ve built up using spare parts accumulated over the years to be used as city bikes for those happy to stand out. Think of the Motley Crew of bicycles. If interested, send us an email in advance and we’ll make sure the rental of your size is ready for you to pick up on arrival

Bikes Fatbike Experience

One of the coolest features of living in The Hague is its proximity to the dunes and beach. On a Lola Fatbike, you can experience our unique topography in a new and unique way. Think of the monster trucks of bicycles – these babies can go over any terrain. Curious? Send us an email for more information.